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Third party studies and Reading with TLC clinical studies have consistently shown:


Average of 1 1/2 to 3 year gains in as little as 6 to 8 weeks in phonemic awareness, phonics, and oral reading skills


Significant reductions in special education referrals and referrals for Tier II & Tier III interventions in multi-tiered systems of instruction such as Response to Intervention


Content aligns with the Common Core State Standards and other state curriculum initiatives



Introduces and trains letter sounds and speech production skills with stories, songs, mouth cues, and printing in English and Spanish




Builds phonemic awareness and phonics skills for reading and spelling with letter manipulation and printing



Develops letter sounds and articulation while transitioning between Lively Letters and plain letters


What Our Clients Are Saying

Lively Letters is a fabulous program that is unlike anything I have seen so far. I love it!

Lynn F.

Reading Specialist/Special Education Teacher

We are loving Lively Letters in my kindergarten classroom. The results are astounding!!! We’ve been using it for a short time however the program is so engaging and has made a huge impact on my students. It is one of their favorite things and they’ll remind me if we haven’t done it first thing in the morning. I’m amazed at how quickly they pick up on the recognition of letters and sounds! I had one child who knew only a few letters and he is sounding out real words and nonsense words independently. Our reading teacher is amazed at his progress.

Debbie P.

K Teacher

Lively Letters is program that is easy to implement in a classroom, makes identification of struggling students very evident, and gives you the opportunity to meet the needs of all your students using differentiation if warranted. It just makes sense!!

Deborah T.

Grade 1 Teacher

Revolutionary and exciting way to teach phonics and reading to children and adults that IS FUN!!!! So visual and easy to follow!!! Congratulations!!!

Joy G.

Speech Language Pathologist

By far the best phonemic awareness program that I have seen in my 17 years as a clinician. I see this being a better way to work on "speech while" also shoring up reading skills. I love the holistic feel to the program.

Jennifer H.

Speech Language Pathologist

I use Lively Letters daily, even with my middle schoolers. They love the pics and it really makes the letter sound stick!!

Ruth B.

Reading Tutor

I hope you realize the impact you are making on all of these kids by introducing us to this program!

Michele T.

Speech Language Pathologist

I think its a great program and have already seen my students make gains in their reading and comprehension. The biggest and most wonderful change is in their confidence.

Colleen B.

Special Education Teacher

I had a new client who needed something different. Nothing else had worked. I brought out Lively Letters. This quiet child suddenly perked up! At the next session, he said, "Are we going to do the letters again?" And at the next session: "Are we doing the letters today?" Message received: HE WANTS LIVELY LETTERS. The proof was in the pudding... he's an 8 year old who was finally getting sound-symbol association.

Suzanne S.

Private Practice Clinician

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